Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hawaii - Day Three - Friday

Day three was on Friday. We ate breakfast on the beach and I mentioned in an earlier blog that we took a long walk to the Royal Hotel, but actually that was today. We did take the same walk yesterday but took even a longer one today. We walked about halfway there the day before.

I was a little worried about taking such a long walk because this was the day we planned to go to Pearl Harbor, and I knew there was a little walking there too.

I did fine. I was too tired by the time we visited the Arizona Memorial to go to the Missouri Memorial. We also hadn't had lunch, so the Missouri got left out. We plan to go there next visit.

I started to tear up on the freeway miles before we got there. It is such a sad place, yet a place that's wonderful to visit. And, it's sacred! They ask you not to talk while on the Arizona. But, no one has to ask you not to talk. You already know it. You feel it! It is the burying place of about a thousand men, including 24 sets of brothers, and a father and son, all still there defending their country.

A sad note: the water is dark around the Arizona. We were told that the dark color is blood. You would think that the water would have changed by now, but because it's a bay the waves just move the same water around. It has been written that the dark color is also oil.

I'm sitting here at home on my computer typing this blog and watching Sean Hannity, Oli North, and Newt Gingrinch who are at the Arizona Memorial right now! I can't believe I missed them by two days! I would have loved to have been there at the same time they were there. Mike reminded me though that the possibility of seeing them was remote. But still!

By the way. I couldn't help thinking of Paris Hilton every time I looked at the Hawaiian Hilton. What a sad life to be that wealthy, have that many opportunities, and then mess up your life, the way she has. It's just sad.

It was about 5:00 when we got back to the hotel. We had dinner at another restaurant in the other tower. Bibas, an Italian restaurant, is open on the grounds. Mike had ribs which was tempting until I tasted his. I had a salad that was great! It was loaded with teryiaki chicken, avocado, crab, and lots of good things I love.

The couple in the picture were people who sat at our table at the luau at the hotel. We saw them everywhere we went. They watched the fireworks with us on the beach.
Afterward, we went to the beach and watched the fireworks that the Hilton puts on every Friday night.

The People in the picture at the right are waiting for fireworks to begin.

The evening ended as it began, on the lanai.