Friday, May 15, 2009

Gwinny's Birthday Party!

The party would have been more fun for me if I hadn't been sick, because they were all swimming at the brand new pool at North Davis Junior High School that I attended when I was 12 -14. Except, that when I went there it was old then, and I am now 66, so by the time they tore it down it was 100 years old! The whole school is new and beautiful!

Most of the family was there, including Heather, Kerry and the girls. Amy didn't go I guess because she just was recently released from the hospital. And Kim and Susan and their families weren't there.

Gwinny had all her little cousins there except for Emily and Ashley who are Amy's and they all had a ball.

Heather didn't have a swimming suit for Sarandon because she thought they had arrived at the end of the party, just in time to open presents and eat cake. Well, there was no holding back Sarandon. Swimming in clothes is no problem. Right? Right!

I told Heather that we would see Sarandon get in the pool one inch at a time. It happened pretty much that way. First she got on her belly and swished the water around with her hands. She had a wet tummy of course. Next, was to sit on the side and dangle her feet in the water. I didn't really see when it actually happened but Sarandon got in more than a inch at a time, because she fell in.

The little kids all had a ball, and Leah cried when it was time to get out. I knew she would! She was having so much fun, and I told Lisa, there is no way she's done.

Bottom picture is Gwinny and Grandma Peggy.

Gwinny, Gwyneth for real, turned 4 years old. Happy Birthday! Gwinny!