Monday, February 11, 2008


I was just talking about the new juice I taking in the previous post. It is called Zrii. Go to and learn all about it. I'm drinking it and selling it. It is amazing!

I was telling everyone in my last post that the raw diet and Zrii is making me healthy. Well, let me tell you that I noticed a huge difference in my body when I started eating a higher amount of raw than I was before. Five fruits and vegetables a day is not enough! My diet was about 25-50% raw before two weeks ago, when I started eating 80-90% of my diet raw. My body is loving raw, live-sprouted foods.

I was sprouting beans, lentils, nuts and seeds a year a half ago when we moved from Clinton to Arizona. I placed all my sprouting stuff on the top shelf of the pantry and there it has sat until last week that is. Now I have a virtual garden growing in my pantry. I plan to put my recipes on my blog so if you want to learn how to sprout you will have an opportunity to learn how to do it.