Monday, February 11, 2008

Meniere's Disase and Live Foods

Most of you who read my blog know that I write a lot about health and using natural, organic foods, and I use holistic doctors to help me with my health problems.

You've also heard me talk about my allergies, post polio, and meniere's disease. I believe my allergies are the cause of my meniere's disease. When I eat foods I'm allergic to I have ringing in my ears and I go deaf. I have permanent deafness and hear 80 decibals below, but it can get worse than that if I eat the foods I need to avoid. My hearing can get so bad that I can't hear the person sitting right next to me, even when I have my hearing aid in. My right ear isn't as bad as my left ear. The low tones are at 80 below, and the high tones are normal. My left ear the low tones are at 80 below and the high tones are 40 below.

Last October I was in the doctor's office and he told me to get a second hearing aid. I told him no. The reason I said no because if I eat the right foods I can hear. I had an appointment with my ear, nose, throat doctor, and I was excited to see what he might be able to do for me. Well, he put me on prednisone which helped. Although, I'm not into prescription drugs and I don't know that it didn't do more harm than good. But I will say that it helped.

That was right at the time that I got tested and we found many foods that were affecting me and causing my ears to fill up. I went off those foods and did what the doctor told me to do and when I went back to my regular doctor he was shocked to see that I could hear him perfectly and I didn't have my hearing aid in. He wears two hearing aids and said he wished he could just eat differently and be able to hear.

That was the day before we left to come back to Arizona and since we've been here I have experimented with lots of foods that I am able to eat to see which ones my body really loves.

The raw diet is the one it likes the best! I am loving my new diet and I don't even miss the good old American diet. Very often that is.

The second thing I found is a new juice out called Zrii! I went to a raw food luncheon and ate incredible foods that I was excited to get into my recipe book. I was very strong with the juice and can't wait to tell you all about it.

There are many juices on the market. Most of them come from concentrate, and are full of corn syrup, high fructose sugar and soy. These juices are very bad for us.

I have a juicer and love making my own carrot, apple, orange and grapefruit juice. Sometimes I make juice combining all four. It's delicious! We stopped at our ranch market to buy our fruits and veggies last week and the checker asked if we were going someplace. I was confused by the question but I guess she thought we had a motor home or something and wanted to stock up. I told her that those foods would be gone in a week and that we would be back. She was quite amazed. Well, I couldn't make my carrot juice today because I'm out of carrots. If you're wondering if I've turned yellow yet, the answer is no. I'll watch that though.

I'm excited to tell you about Zrii, but I need to run and get my carrots!