Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Amazing Juice - Zrii

I have been writing about the new juice I'm drinking. I haven't really told very much about what the juice is, I've only told what it is doing for me. Just to enlighten anyone reading about it for the first time - I have food allergies, meinere's disease, and post polio.

People who have post polio experience pain in their muscles and I'm no exception. I drink two juices to help with the pain. One is tart red cherry juice and the other is juice from Amalaki trees. The trees grow in various places in the world, but the fruit that Zrii is putting out comes from the trees that grow in northern India at the base of the Himalayan mountains. Amalaki fruit is called the rejuvenating superfood! The fruit is wild-crafted, which means it is harvested from trees as they are found in nature and thus assuring the highest possible quality and potency. This region has not been affected by Western harvesting. There are no pesticides etc. And over the past 50 years it has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies.

The fruit has an amazing ability to restore one's overall health, because it increases immune functions and increases energy, and vitality.

I mentioned in several blogs how much it has helped me. One of the problems I face everyday is avoiding foods I'm allergic to. If I eat wheat, milk, simply sugars etc, I go deaf! After taking the juice for two days only, I was able to hear better than I have been able to hear for years.

Now, if I continue to eat badly - I will go deaf again. The juice isn't a cure! It is a helper in restoring out bodies to good health, but we have to do our part and eat good food too.

The reason I have so much trouble staying on my diet is because wheat is good food! My brain just has a hard time understanding that I can't have something that is supposed to be good for me.

I have just today been able to hear good again after eating a tiny 2" square of cake. No more! I keep saying this, but I am sick of being deaf. It just isn't worth it. I didn't even like the cake in the first place, so it really wasn't worth it.

Zrii isn't just made up of Amalaki juice. There are other ingredients that are combined to give us all the nutrition we need in one ounce of juice a day. This, not being the only food we eat of course.

I have to take about 12 supplements a day to help support my systems that were destroyed from the polio virus. And after just two days of drinking the juice I was able to cut the dosage in half.

I have recieved a lot of comments on my other Zrii blogs. I love this juice so much that I am selling it. If you are interested in drinking it or starting your own business selling it - let me know. You will need to give me an email address or have a blog that I can leave information on. Actually, the email address is the best.