Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stephen's Friend Kyle

When I first arrived at the Stephen's funeral I had a stack of pictures that we had taken of Stephen last summer when we took him and our daughter Cari on a trip to Idaho and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

I handed Steve's sister Heather one of the collage of pictures. She was talking to a young man and he immediately asked if I had any extras, and that he was Stephen's friend and would love to have the pictures.

I had brought more than I thought I would need and could easily make more. I was happy to give the pictures to a friend of Steve's, especially since I could always make more copies for family members if needed.

The young man introduced himself as Steve's friend Kyle. He looked 20 years younger than Stephen to me and was a sweet, clean-cut, well put together young man.

Kyle didn't stay for the dinner and left soon after I talked to him.

After the funeral had ended and everyone was getting ready to leave the church I took the opportunity of going through the photo albums on the table. The table was filled with beautiful pictures and memorabilia of Stephen.

I got to the back of a photo album to his grade school pictures when suddenly Heather pointed to the boy standing right next to Stephen in one of the pictures and said, "see that boy. That is Kyle". I was shocked! I was under the impression that Kyle was a recent friend of Steve's, and as I said earlier he looked 20 years younger.

When I said that I thought he was a recent friend of Steve's Heather said that he was, and that he had had the same experience that I had. He was looking at the pictures and found himself! He was more shocked that I was!

Then Heather told me the things that Kyle had told her about how he and Steve had had a great time last summer getting high on drugs in motel rooms. I had fallen in love with this young man and now wanted to give him a good shaking!

I hope Stephen left this world with a good lessen to Kyle. I hope he learns that drugs are not fun, and can kill. I hope he turns his life around for good. He's not too far gone as far as I could see.

My friend Joan said that her son Todd who was a friend of Steve's vowed to change his life. He seemed to have grasped the idea how deadly drugs are. I don't think Todd does drugs, but he felt strongly about improving his situation and taking charge of his life.