Friday, April 06, 2007

Playing Pool With Kenny

Kenny got here Monday night. He was scheduled to arrive here at 11:00 PM our time, but the plane was delayed and he got here at midnight. It was now 3:00 AM his time.

We only had yesterday to do things, and then he left this morning for St. George in a rental car to visit his dad. He will be back Sunday (Easter), and we will have Sunday afternoon, and all day Monday and Tuesday to visit, and then he goes back home on Wednesday.

We leave for Utah on Friday, which means we only have time to finish things up here on Thursday. Of course, we will be working everyday until then.

We didn't do much with Kenny yesterday. Just visited. But, we took a walk over to the clubhouse and played pool. It was quite amazing! He was showing me tricks where you use the dots to decide how to put a ball into a certain pocket. Well, at end of the game we had both gotten in all our own balls, and we're trying for the black ball. It was his turn and neither of us could believe what he did.

He used the dots and then figured out just how much he would have to be off that dot to get the ball into the other side of the table, and into the corner pocket. Wow! It worked!!!

We were both amazed. He said, "That was luck," I didn't agree at all. I had just watched him take the time to figure out the science to get that ball in, and yes, there was a certain amount of luck since he only had to be off by a inch, but what he figured out, worked!

I'm going to work on this and see if I can perfect it. But, Mike and I will be busy every day until we leave, and I don't know if we'll have time to play or not.