Monday, April 30, 2007

Help! I Can't Remove The Old Wallpaper!

Mike and I have worked so hard since last October on houses. It is nice to have most of the work done! We love the two-toned paint as I've mentioned in another blog. And, we love our new carpet. It is the same as in the Arizona home with more of a blue tint to it. It's a blue green. It's very soft on the eyes.

I made the mistake Saturday of removing some of the unwanted wallpaper. I don't know if it was a mistake or not since it had to come off sometime, but I worked for a hour or more on a border in our bedroom and three partial walls in a small bathroom. It should have come right off, but only the top vinyl layer came off, leaving the paper underneath stuck to the wall.

I used wallpaper stripper, but to no avail. They must have glued this stuff down. I found wallpaper paste under the sink that they used, and I guess they intended for it never to be removed.

I can see now that I might have to make the surface as smooth as possible and just paint over it! If you get it wet enough it will come off 1/2" at a time. One problem is that it takes of the paper off the wallboard. Ug! Frustrating!