Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad News On Our Clinton Home!

If getting our Clinton home sold and closed wasn't frustrating enough we have now been faced with a very serious problem! Our Realtor and the buyers Realtor both emailed us and sent pictures of our roof that was about to cave in around the skylights that were apparently installed incorrectly seven and 1/2 years ago!

The buyers son got on the roof to check out the dryer vent and noticed it. The buyer Betty, had to have the whole north side of the home re-shingled because the company would not guarantee the shingles if done partially.

She had to have new skylights put in, and much of the plywood around the skylights replaced because it had rotted and was covered with mold (No wonder I was sick!)

All total it cost her $6000. She said she doesn't mind covering part of the expense, but would like us to go in half or something.

We are not responsible for the problem! I understand that she shouldn't have to cover the expense, but I think it would be the contractor who installed the skylights that should be responsible. Her insurance company wouldn't cover it because it was a preexisting problem and suggested that our insurance company should cover it.

Mike's sister Kathie is our insurance agent, and agrees that could happen, but a new problem exists because Betty already had the repairs done.

She should have contacted us and we could have contacted our insurance company to inspect the roof. Kathie said that the insurance companies want to inspect before repairs are done. Otherwise it would be like having a car accident, fixing the car, and then calling the insurance company. I'm hoping it will be okay because Betty's insurance company did inspect the roof before the repairs were made.

Oh Brother! What's next?