Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Trip Back To Utah

Robyn, I just wrote the longest blog, and totally lost it! I was telling you how I almost died! I'm so mad I lost it because I will never get the same words back again.

We left Arizona on Saturday after working four hours in the house so we could leave. Basically we had everything done before hand, but it still took a long time to pack the car, and finish up on the inside. We totally packed the refrigerator with all our grains, cans, etc., from the pantry, and then lowered the settings to 1 and 2. The fridge runs more efficient when full, and the heat will ruin the food.

We set the automatic furnace/air conditioner to 90, and either John or our neighbor Tom will set it to go on the first of June, and then turn it back off the first of September.

We arrived in Vegas about 5:00 PM Saturday evening, and had a wonderful visit with DeeAnna and Hughie, Uncle Dee, and DeeAnna's step sister Kay. Melissa and Shann and Deirdra and the grand kids came over to visit on Sunday. I love it when they come to visit when I'm there.

We arrived at Amy's house Monday night about 7:00. We arrived later than we normally do, because we stopped in Springdale to visit Steve Page. He showed us his new home, and we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

After we left his house we made another stop at Cabala's to buy a blow-up bed to sleep on at our condo until we got the carpet in and our furniture delivered.

We slept that night at Amy's, and awoke Tuesday to a four-day nightmare. It wasn't really - but it was a lot of work, and very hectic.

Pam had told me to call her if I needed help with the painting. I needed help alright! She and Joan came over and helped paint all morning long, and then returned at 6 PM, and worked until 10. Mike and I worked until midnight, after working all day long. We were exhausted, and it wasn't done yet. As a matter of fact, it isn't done yet.

We got most of the painting done before the carpet was laid. We love our new carpet. We must be very boring people because we have two homes and could have totally different looks in each, but no, they are the same. I've had the color, pongee tint on the walls in the Clinton home, the Arizona home, and now in the condo. I can't help it. It's my favorite!

The furniture wasn't supposed to be here until 2:30 in the afternoon which would give us more time to finish the painting in the morning, but they were ready to come at 8:30.

Mike told them no way! They came at 12:30 which was still early, which was hard on me, because I had to work very hard in order to be ready for them. It was nice to have furniture again.