Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going Away Party

Mike finally retired! Yeah!

He chose Home Town Buffet as the restaurant for his celebration. It has a private room, large enough for the 60 people he's expecting. A buffet is a great idea because everyone can choose the food items they want, eat as much as they want, with no need for Hydroxycut hardcore, all for a very affordable price.

Mike brought down the house when he was introducing his large family. He actually wrote them down. You think that's funny? Well! We have a large family.

Whoops! When you write things down it's possible to forget someone. He did. He forgot Lisa. She was hard to miss sitting right across the table from him.

Suddenly, we here a yell, "hello, you forgot me! Lisa, your baby daughter."

She didn't let him forget that for quite a while. I kept telling her that the reason he forgot her was because he wrote everyone on a list.

That didn't seem to help!

What I was trying to convey was that if he hadn't made a list and followed it, but rather just glanced around at the people and mentioned them individually, he probably wouldn't have missed anyone.

The party was a great success!