Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jake Amy Emily and Ashley

We had only been home a few days and had more company at our door. We were really looking forward to this and had a wonderful time with them. And, boy were we busy!

Swimming was the first time on the agenda that day. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed being in the pool with the kids. This was the first time we have been in the pool since last July. Unbelievable huh! We were busy the first few months we got here and then it turned off to chilly for me to want to go swimming during the winter. Even though it's very mild here during the winter, it has to be warm for me to enjoy swimming.

After we had lunch we took off for the mining town at the base of the Superstition Mountains. We looked at all the stores, panned for gold, looked at a ton of old Harley parts rusting out in the corral, rode the train around the town, gleaning the information from the engineer and learning about the town, plants, trees, gold etc.

We came home and had taco's for dinner and watched a movie. It was a perfect first day.