Sunday, November 02, 2008

Phoenix Zoo

The second day was very very busy! We started the day down town Phoenix, and went to the capitol. We enjoyed the capital as we always do and after seeing the downtown sights and lunch we headed for the zoo.

Wow! What a nice zoo! Amy looked how the animals were all in their natural habitat. Instead of seeing a giraffe all by itself, there is a safari section where all the animals are together. Excluding the lions, tigers and bears of course. We don't want any animals offered for lunch there.

Mike pushed me around in a wheelchair which I hated to use, but was really very happy I did. They had one of those old fashioned popcorn machines on the midway and you could smell the freshly popped popcorn from miles away. It was a treat to enjoy!

My cousin Dee Anna insisted on me doing it, because if I had used up all my strength and energy for the zoo it would have been totally gone for the rest of their visit. Her words turned out to be true. I was really tired after seeing the capitol and the zoo even being in the wheelchair.