Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Are Certainly Enjoying Our Family!

We've already enjoyed several occasions to be with our family and extended family members, and we're looking forward to being with our special friends.

We dropped in and had a visit with our friends Dubby and Carolyn, and had a nice visit. We plan to get together as soon as the weather improves, tired of hanging out wrapped in a heated blanket. So that hasn't happened yet!

We made plans to get with Paul and Colleen for lunch next Thursday, and I talked to Pam on e-mail and we plan to get together with Joan and maybe Jean.

I will get together with my other Riverdale Girls on the 19th. for dinner, and I hate to shock you with this news but I will be getting together with my high school buddies for our 50 high school reunion in June!

Oh my, am I that old?