Monday, August 10, 2009


Have you seen the commercials on TV for mesothelioma? I've seen them, but never really paid much attention to it until last week. The announcer said that if you had a loved one whose life was affected by lung cancer, it could have been caused by this. It then went on to list all of the different occupations that come in contact with asbestos--and it was amazing how long that list was.

My sister in law passed away after a struggle with lung cancer. She'd been a 20 year smoker--so we just assumed that was the cause (and it probably was), but these days--how can you know? There are so many extenuating circumstances surrounding everything we do--who knows if we turn around in 20 years and Diet Coke causes some other huge illness..........well.....then you'll just have to shoot me--cause I'm NOT giving it up!! ;)