Sunday, September 06, 2009

Selling Our Clinton Home

We just signed papers to buy a home in Arizona and unfortunately haven’t sold the home in Clinton, Utah. Got the cart before the horse, as it seems.

We've been trying to sell the home in Utah since August. I sold Real Estate for 15 years and along with selling homes for others I’ve sold several of my own homes. I feel more confident about selling this home myself than any I’ve sold previously since the home and subdivision we live in are very desirable.

We feel certain that it will sell quickly, that it will bring a good price, and that in fact, it will sell itself.

I hope I’m not being complacent or over-confident since I didn’t put a contingency clause in the contract stating that we need to sell our home in order to have the funds to buy the new one.

This negligence could cause us a lot of trouble in the future. In spite of this neglect we both feel everything will work out well.