Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arizona Home

It's kind of confusing because the front of the home doesn't face the street. It will face the home next to it, when there is a home next to it! We hope that will be soon!

This is what the home looks like since we painted it, and after we attached fake windows. Yep, fake windows. See the windows facing the street. There were no windows when we bought the home. And technically, there still aren't any windows there. We just made it look like there are. The reason the windows look dark is because we used dark sunscreens. Every house on the street has dark sunscreens, so it doesn't look strange.

There was no landscaping in front except for a very young cactus. Mike and I made the little river, that I would like to bring to life this fall by installing a little fountain that flows in the river.

We've planted 2 bougainvillea's, my favorite desert plants. two Gardenia plants, a Pigmy palm tree, and a yellow Lantana.

These pictures were taken when the plants were first put in, we are going to Arizona in a week, and will take more pictures to see how different the yard looks. Maureen says the plants have really grown!

It will be 110 degrees, so we will shoot pictures fast, and get back inside!