Sunday, June 14, 2009

Modern Medicine

This past weekend my grandson got his tonsils out. It was something to be dreaded when my kids were little, but these days it's an out patient surgery. He was home watching tv, listening to one of his ipods and playing video games far earlier than I thought he should even be out of surgery. My the modern advancements in medicine.

I do remember once getting in trouble by a nurse friend of mine. She was talking about just this topic, sending kids home after surgery to recuperate there. I thought that was barbaric. I remember after my husband had knee surgery he elected to go home, and after a miserable night with pain pills that weren't strong enough, we were both wishing he'd stayed in at least the first night in order to get some extra help with the pain. Apparently not the case with tonsils. She chewed my head off as to why it should be up to the nurses to babysit, when the parents are fully capable of doing exactly the same thing at home.

Yeah...I stand corrected!