Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Night Party

Jake and Amy were there when we arrived. Amy was helping Lisa prepare hordevours while Lisa was busy bustling around the kitchen watching over her homemade pots of chili and vegetable beef soup, and she had a dozen other foods she was finishing. One was caramel corn.

Soon, Chris, Dave and Lydia showed up, and not long afterward was Steve and Sherri and their four children.

Kim, Clint, Zak and Kelsie were expected at 6:30. I knew they wouldn't make it that early. They were at another party at Clint's sister's house, and it's hard to make it to two parties on the same night.

Amy and Jake had a second party to go to and left before Kim and Clint got there. We were lucky though that we were able to visit everyone. The only ones missing were Mike and Susan and their children whom we will spend a few days with next week in Idaho, and Kenny who is in Connecticut. I talked to Kenny a long time on the phone and will be talking to him more tomorrow and the next day.

We crawled into bed tired but happy!