Saturday, April 04, 2009

Drip System

Everyday, Mike and I have projects to do around this house. We are trying to get it ready so everything is done by the time we leave for Utah.

Today's project was the drip system. There are seventeen plants that need water. Mike and I planted Twelve of them ourselves in the last month. We hadn't had time to tie them into the drip system because we were not done with the painting project.

Finally the drip system and the paint project are done, Thank Heavens!

For several weeks now I have been watering the new plants by hand. That was a lot of trips to the sink. We do have a hose I could have dragged around. But, it was more fun carrying water I guess.

We got three sides of the house done this morning, and now Mike is out doing the east side. I was so hot and sweaty working out there - that I had to come in and take a second shower. He told me not to worry about helping him with this last side since it is small, but I feel guilty, and should be out extending a helping hand.

The drip system isn't really done yet because what we did was send a line to each plant. That is done. But, we have to fix the system so that the trees are watered once a week, and the plants, two to three times a week, and 2 gardenia plants need water everyday.

Our maintenance man John will be over to help us do that part.

Tomorrow's project will be to sprinkle Amaze all over the gravel to keep down the weeds. We have to sprinkle it in with water.

We were planning to plant some cacti that the neighbor wants to get rid of. Mike doesn't really want to transplant cactus, but is willing to do it for me.

I decided yesterday that I don't want to do it either. I had a perfect spot for one of the very large cactus's, but after looking at the spot, I realize it won't fit.

There isn't another spot for it that I can see. The rest of the cacti isn't really what I want in our yard. They do have one that I want, and it turns out that it is the only one they want to keep. I think we'll wait until fall and plant the ones we want.