Thursday, April 02, 2009

Painting The Arizona Room

Mike and I are still painting! And, we're getting sick of it! Mike got up early and finished painting the outside of the home. We are finally completely done with that job, except for the little touch-up's we keep finding.

While he was finishing that job, I started painting the Arizona Room. I was hoping to finish it today, but was not really planning to push to get it done in one day. I am amazed! It's done! And, It looks beautiful! Well, it's done except for the trim that is. I'll probably start on the trim as soon as I've had a little rest.

Kenny will be here tonight at 11:00 PM. We'll get home at midnight. I hope to have the Arizona Room done way before dinner. It will be nice for Kenny to see everything painted.

Chris and David got here two days ago. We're having a good time with them here. David is taking some Real Estate Investment classes in Phoenix.

It just happens that the classes are at "The Point" which is a resort that our friends Steve and Karen used to belong to. I've played tennis there with Karen, and later after their divorce, Steve took Mike and I there to dinner and to a dance.

I was sure it was the same place except that it looks so different. It took me a while to realize that of course it is different! It was 16 years ago that Mike and I were there, and 20 years ago since I played tennis there.

David's class is at the Hilton Hotel which wasn't there in 1991. The resort we were at was a little higher up the mountain.