Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Back In Utah

What a mess we came home to!

Last January a pipe froze in our condo and we had a water problem that amounted to about $12,000! Thank Heavens our insurance company covered all of it except $500.

Since we were in Arizona at the time, Mike had our daughter Lisa check the condo to make sure everything was okay. Well, it wasn't okay. She stepped onto the carpet and was ankle deep in water. She was sure the carpet would not have to be changed but was concerned about the pad.

Bottom line: April of 2007 the condo was newly painted, had new carpet and pad, and new furniture. When we got back here in April 2008 there was new carpet and some of the new furniture had to be replaced since there was water damage there too.

A nice thing that happened was that we got new flooring all around. I hated the vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry closet, and pantry, and was able to get new vinyl of our choosing.

We also have new counter-top in the kitchen because there was damage to the base cabinets that had to be pulled out and repaired, therefore, damaging the existing counter-top.

Our condo looks better than ever! We love it!