Sunday, April 06, 2008


We had a very time visit with Mike's brother Boyd and his wife Lou in Dallas. They are always wonderful and so hospitable.
This trip was Easter weekend and we had a wonderful dinner with Boyd, Lou, their daughter Kathy, husband Ed, and sons Kenny and James.
Mike, Boyd and I went to the Dallas Temple on Saturday, and Boyd took us to a wonderful restaurant near by the temple where we ordered salmon, which is my favorite. I eat salmon every where we go and this was the best salmon I have ever tasted. The restaurant is called 'Natalie's' and I think it's a local restaurant only. Wish it was a franchise! It was wonderful.
We didn't see much of Dallas except for this day, but that was fine. We've seen the sights there many times, and only wanted to visit with them.

We left Monday morning and drove a very long drive back to El Paso, stayed one night again enjoying the chicken once more at Elmer's, and arrived back home at four the following day.

It was a very lovely trip.