Friday, April 11, 2008

Plasma Mount TV's

I went through the home behind us yesterday with some of neighbors who have just bought their home but are now interested in selling the one they bought and buying the one behind me. I hadn't seen this home and went through with them.

Our neighbors Guy and Betty have the nicest plasma mount tv on their wall! I was really impressed! I asked if the tv would stay and they laughed at me. Well, it didn't seem such a silly question since it was mounted on the wall and seemed pretty permanent. I guess if our neighbors to the south buy the home home to the west of us, they will simply have to get on this site and find another plasma mounted tv.

Of course they will have to buy their own tv from some other place because this site carries plasma wall mounts for tv's up to 70 inches. And they have mounts for all the popular manufacturers. And you can get mounts for the wall or the ceiling.

Check out the site and see why you should buy from them. I did.