Monday, January 07, 2008

The Presidential Race

I guess you are all watching this race with as much enthusiasm as we are. It really is the most interesting political race I have ever watched, and I've been glued to the TV watching political races since John F. Kennedy! I know. I'm old.

A few months ago I would have told you that our next president was Hillary. In fact, I told many people that. I felt the same way just a few weeks ago. It is looking like I was wrong. I'm glad of that, because I don't want Hillary. I want Romney. It looks like he might do better in New Hampshire than appeared a few days ago.

I couldn't believe that Romney was so attacked for his religion, although, I really did expect it. But I hoped we had put that aside 48 years ago when the religion issue came up with JFK. He's pretty much gotten past that except for the Evangelicals that have made up their minds not to vote for a Mormon no matter how good a person he is.

If you were watching the JFK race 48 years ago you would agree that if it came down to a voting for someone who was a Catholic against a black man or a woman, the religion issue would never have been an issue at all. And here we are today with the top candidates being a Mormon, a black man and a woman. Amazing!

You can have all three if you want. You can have a Mormon, a black person, and a woman, just by voting for Gladys Knight! Don't do it though. We wouldn't want to lose a vote for a real candidate.