Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kenny and Me - Christmas -2005

Kenny is our oldest child. He lives in Connecticut and works at Pratt Whitney. He has been in Connecticut about eight years, and lived in Seattle prior to moving to the east coast. He worked at Boeing in the Seattle area.

He is a wonderful musician, and artist! And, a wonderful son in general.

The pictures were taken at our Clinton Home. Check at that snow! We hardly ever get snow in Clinton, that is more than a few inches.

I said one day that we didn't ever shovel show, and Brian our youngest child said, "what do you mean, I've shoveled six times this year." I answered, "Yeah, with a broom."

There was absolutely no snow when Kenny arrived and the next day it snowed all day long, and we ended up with 2 feet of snow! That snow lasted until March! We had a little deer in the yard, and the snow would get below the deer's nose, and go right back over it again.

By March, it got so hot that one day the snow was up to the deer's nose and two days later it was completely gone.

I was dog tending, and getting paid for it!