Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our First Scorpion

I was in the Arizona room when I spotted it. I wasn't too afraid since it looked dead already. But just to make sure I called Mike to come and kill it. He entered the room very calmly which is not what I expected. Number 1: He isn't calm when it comes to problems. Number 2: He's been especially fearful of encountering a scorpion ever since we got here. He took one look and agreed it looked like a scorpion.

I ordered him to go put on shoes and make sure it was dead. He obeyed and returned with his heaviest shoes and he stomped, and stomped, and squashed it dead.

As I was sweeping it into the dustpan I noticed it looked a little different than I had earlier thought. As it turned out - it wasn't a scorpion after all. In fact, it wasn't any kind of insect. I'm embarrassed to say that Mike and I had successfully murdered our first leaf!

Rookies from the Rockies!