Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our first day of church

We missed the first two weeks of church here. First week was two days after we moved here and we were not only exhausted but we were both sick with a sinus infection. Mike left Utah with it and shared it with me the day after we arrived.

The second week the infection was still holding on and I didn't want to share it with the whole ward.

It was really nice going and meeting new people. At least three had either lived in Utah or had Utah connections. Two others were from Washington state.

The ward is large, which is different than our ward in Clinton. They divided our ward seven years ago and it still looks like a branch.

We were happy about several things. One: It's a very pretty new building. Second: We have a good organist which wasn't the case in Utah. Third: It didn't freeze me out. I am cold in church in Utah summer and winter. They don't keep it warm enough in the winter and over air-condition in the summer.

Actually, I freeze in this church too. I am cold under 80 degrees.

In Clinton I literally wore sweatpants under my long skirt, and layered sweaters, then a coat with a fur collar that I pulled over my face. It was so cold that I had earaches every week.

I know it's just me though, because some people were fanning themselves. I have post-polio and have been cold since I had polio at age 8.