Sunday, November 12, 2006

Arizona Trip-or was it the trip from Hell!!

It was 3 pm when we pulled out of our driveway. A late start to begin with coupled with construction, afternoon traffic, and to make it worse Mike was already exhausted and had recently caught a sinus infection.

The 24’ Budget truck and red Prism I drove were both jammed packed.

We’ve worked especially hard the last several days moving belongings to a storage unit in Riverdale.

We purchased a condo in Ogden last summer to live in when we return in April. Mike and Susan are the owners and we'll buy it from them when things get settled.

I keep joking that we have three homes don’t actually own any of them. That's a bit disconcerting!

When we sell the Clinton home we will pay cash for the Arizona home and put a good down payment on the condo, leaving us with a small loan.

We’ve also worked our tails off cleaning, painting, and getting ready to leave.

I didn’t expect to find anything except empty cabinets when I starting opening doors, but whoops, found water coming from a leak under the kitchen sink.

Mike had done some last minute plumbing and the disposal hadn’t sealed correctly. Thank heavens, I'd left a bucket in the garage.

Once again we had to rely on Carolyn our neighbor to help us. She contacted Jack our neighbor and friend who took care of swiftly.

It was very sad saying our last goodbyes to our friends and neighbors.

We’d already said our goodbye’s to the family the night before at Anna’s 6th. birthday party. That was especially difficult.

It was hard to believe but we were really on our way. We needed to make one last stop in Bountiful before leaving the state to pick up our new dining room set.

The previous owners of the dinning set moved it to Dave and Chris’s home. We were looking forward to seeing Lydia since we wouldn’t see her for several months.

We were still waving our goodbyes when Chris called to see where we were. They needed to leave to take Lydia to the doctor. We picked up our furniture and were very disappointed to have missed them.

The truck was so full that Mike only averaged 45 miles an hour. By the time we got to Mesquite that evening he couldn't stand up straight.

As I said earlier he was sick. Now he really looked sick! I should have insisted that we just get a motel room there. However, We only had one more hour to go and I know he would have insisted we press on. That hour was the reason this post is named “Trip from Hell.”

Mike was not only sick but also extremely tired. He kept nodding off and drifting off the road.

Each time he did that I turned on my bright headlights and clicked them until he got back in his lane. I did that all the way there!

If any of you have seen the movie “Cars” you will remember Mack nodding off and drifting off the road. Mike was Mack. By the way did Cars remind you of the movie Doc Halliday? It sure did me.

I prayed all the way from Mesquite to Las Vegas and was so grateful when we finally arrived at Dee Anna’s house. It was now 1:00 in the morning Utah time. What should have been a 6-hour trip had taken us 10 grueling hours.