Saturday, November 18, 2006

First meal out after moving

We are so lucky to be blessed with such fun friends. We, George and Nancy, my brother John and Sherri, and a two young men we hired to empty our Budget truck went to a Mexican restaurant here in Apache Junction that George introduced us to. "Los Gringos Locos." I love that name! You crazy lost white people!

After lunch we put paint rollers in the hands of our Mexican helpers and while we were moving our things from place to place they painted the inside of the house.

They didn't have time to cut in the corners, and I wouldn't let them do the kitchen or bathrooms. I didn't want any paint on the cabinets or floor. They were worried about the carpet, but when I made a wave with my hand and said throw away, they understood, and went to work. It takes a brave-unbalanced person to paint her way out of one house and into the next.

Many years ago in the sixties my friend Judy Fisher named me, "Paint Can Annie." Years later after she had moved to another state and I had moved 7 miles away to another city she and her husband stopped by for an unannounced visit. As soon as I opened the door she turned to her husband Jim and said, "see I told you, she always has a paint brush in her hand." It was true. I did.