Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just A Few Nerves

In our new home we have one of those wireless alarms. The coolest part is, since we have a pool--it actually talks to us and lets us know when a door opens. Now this new contraption has been the source of much entertainment---and many heart skippings as well. You see---our TV is in the front of our family room, the speakers for the doors just outside the door in the hallway-and the voice, is male.

So the other night we were watching a murder mystery show full of suspense when all of the sudden--there is a man talking outside of the room. It startled me immediately--until I realized what it was. The door was a jar to let in a little of the cool night air. It did it three or four more times before we had had enough and had gone in and bolt locked the front door. It was only funny that we love this little alarm/reminder about the doors---until it just starts talking to you in the middle of a murder mystery!!! Then it's just creepy!