Sunday, July 12, 2009

What A Gift

Why is it that you have to be old to start checking out life insurance quotes? Ok, so you don't really have to be, but every commercial on TV gives the price for the average 45 year old man. Or, if you are a non-smoker over the age of 50. Mind you we fit that age range, but what about my kids. How much more do they have to pay for life insurance because they aren't even close to 40 yet?

There was a really cool moment I saw several years ago. We were at the high school graduation of our nephew. And his maternal grandpa pulled him aside and gave him his gift. It turns out the day this boy was born his grandpa took out a policy on him. He paid the premiums every month of this boys 18 years--and now as a high school graduate, his policy had matured--and this boy actually had an asset in his pocket. He could use this policy as collateral for a home loan if he wanted--I mean, that is planning ahead! I look at all of our grandchildren and even though I know nothing like that is possible with ALL of them, how nice it would have been to be able to do something like that!