Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elyse's First Birthday Party

Sherri and Steve's youngest child, Elyse.

We have 19 grandchildren and Elyse is the second to the youngest. This is her first birthday party. It's amazing that we have pictures of it, because I was in the hospital and missed it.

Mike had absolutely no sleep that night because we were putting things away in our new condo, and he was still awake at 2:30 A.M. when I went into the living room where he was putting the sound system together in the entertainment center, and told him that my heart was racing.
It only took us a few minutes to decide that we needed to get to the hospital.
It took the doctor and lots of medicine 8 hours to bring my heart rate back to normal. I am wheat intolerant and have blood sugar problems also. I had been eating wrong all week, and earlier that night had a small piece of a homemade cinnamon roll that our new neighbor Pam brought over as a welcoming gift.

It sent my blood sugar up to diabetic numbers, and then dropped to hypoglycemia numbers, and when it fell it took my potassium with it, which in turn made my heart race.

Mike didn't get any sleep while we were in the hospital. In fact, he only had a hard chair to sit in, and couldn't even get comfortable.

He finally went home to get a little sleep at 6:00 and had just gotten to sleep when R. C. Willey called and woke him up, to tell him that they were bringing our new kitchen set. He stayed awake waiting for them, and they didn't show up until several hours later.

Then he came back to the hospital at 12:00 or so, and got me, and then went out to Sherri's for Elyse's party, which started at 12:30.

That's my husband. He's a trouper. Always taking care of everyone else! I'm glad he took pictures, at least I can feel like I was there!

The dark-haired little girl is Sarandon, Heather's daughter.