Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Last Three Days!!

The last three days of our trip were spent visiting friends we hadn't had a chance to see.

We had a nice visit with Dubby and Carolyn at their home, and hurried off to have dinner with Jesse. Jesse is our late son Brian's best friend. We will stay friends with him for the rest of our lives. He is like a son to us.

We ate a wonderful dinner at The Texas Roadhouse, Mike and Jesse had steak & ribs, and I had salmon as always. Delicious!

Earlier that day we visited Mike's sister Eleanor, along with our daughters Chris and Amy. Eleanor was happy to see us, and we have a wonderful visit. I'm looking forward to seeing her as soon as we return to Utah.

That last three days was busy with finishing up shopping we needed to do, and taking down the Christmas decorations.

We have loved our vacation and are looking forward to getting back to Arizona in the nice warm weather and getting back to normal.