Monday, January 05, 2009

Grand Children Sleep Over

What were we thinking?????? No, actually it was very fun! We had seven little grandchildren under the age of 8 in our small 1000 sq. ft. condo over night! Whew!

We normally have them over in smaller groups, but that couldn't be arranged this time. We just didn't have enough days.

They ate pizza for dinner, but really was not interested in eating. They wanted to get right to the part of playing games or watching videos. The girls: Emily, Anna, Gwynny, Ashley and Leah all decided on watching Shrek The Third. They had all seen the movie, but it was the choice of all since it was the latest movie out.

The two boys: Quincy and JJ stayed in the den and played something. I never did go in and find out what they were up to. They came in to check on the girls every so often, and invited them to join them in their games, but I put a stop to that. We had five little girls content and happy, and I didn't want that messed up.

The girls slept on the floor wrapped up with blankets and the boys were on the spare bed in the den. They didn't go to sleep as quickly as Mike and I did, but at least they didn't cause any trouble, nor keep us awake.

They were at our home until after noon the following day, and they were good and found some quiet activities to play. We only had one problem and that was that we didn't take good enough care of our new wood kitchen table. One or two little girls had spilled water and the finish is ruined in two places. I hope we can figure out how to fix it when we get back there in the spring.

Mike's brother Darrell who lives in Washington came by to visit. He brought his trombone, and let all the kids have a turn blowing into it. It was a nice day.