Monday, December 28, 2009

Husband Woes

Speaking of insurance...I would like to take this opportunity to send my husband a HUGE "I told you so!!!!" I'm not sure I've gotten it out of my system...but it will have to do! I just wrote about working on getting an insurance quote and something I didn't want to do--but that the husband wanted to do...has finally come back to bite us in the butt! Last year, there were several siding and roofing companies coming around giving free quotes on hail damage on our house. I was opposed to all of it. Our house was fine! No one comes over to see it--and unless the roof is caving in on me....I don't need a new one. But not my husband. They got him...hook, line, sinker! Last fall we had all of our siding replaced...and they've never come back to re-hang my shutters!! But I digress!!! Now hear I am looking into new insurance companies---and low and behold---every quote is at least $50 more per month because of our claim last year. Now---I couldn't afford the $60 a month it was on earth will we afford the additional $50? But hey...the house looks great...if you ever come over to see it! Oh, and don't mind the fact that we are the only house in the neighborhood without shutters!!! grrrrrrrrr