Sunday, October 04, 2009


Do you have a technologically minded husband? I mean, for the most part, it's awesome. But there are times, like when I'm in a hurry, that it really can start to get on my nerves. We were shopping the other day--something I usually enjoy and usually take my time doing. I enjoy the process that is shopping. But last week we were late. And on this particular shopping trip---nothing was going right. The woman at the customer service counter couldn't get her scanner to work. And if it did work---it would beep that the coding was wrong. We tried and tried to get the codes in and finally she starts to enter all of the numbers by hand, then look through her little discount book to subtract the sale percentage from each and every item. THEN....there's a clearance code that needed to be input as well. She was frustrated. I was frustrated and a bit stressed and my husband is chirping on and on about how they should have the new Symbol LS2208 bar code scanner or this data entry software that would automatically calculate the percentages off---mindless chatter that really meant something---but not at that moment...and not with the sales girl! I nearly turned and asked him to head up stairs to the executive offices and speak with the GM. THAT would have gotten him out of my head!!!