Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Ideas!

I was over at my in laws this evening, and as the conversation lulled I started asking them what kind of things they would like for Christmas. I'm always at a loss for anyone, let alone them. They LOVE coffee, so I was thinking a nice shiny new capresso coffee maker would be nice, turns out...they already have a new one. In fact, they just purchase 3 new appliances--2 of which won't be used any time soon. Why not save the cash, hold off for Christmas and give them out as ideas!! I would so totally have been happy to get them a slow cooker for Christmas---but NOPE, they just had to have one today, to sit on their shelf until mid-January!

So I guess I could think of something a bit more personal--but honestly, who in their right mind gives their in laws something personal??? Or is it just me?