Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Babies

With all of the babies hitting our family recently (all girls) it's no doubt there has been some stocking up on crib bedding. Each baby getting their own color, their own theme. There are so many fun new designs and textures. Each mom could shop at the same site--and still come out with something so completely unique and "theirs" that it's amazing. I was on today, and my favorite bedding pattern (for a boy or a girl) is the one called "Creme Brule". Of course, it's my favorite dessert, so that shouldn't be a big shock to anyone!

Such a fun time of life. Nothing is sweeter than new babies. We have been incredibly blessed these past months that each one has come to us healthy and happy, and their moms are doing great too. It's about time to upload some photo's of our four little girls (hint, hint) so that everyone who lives out of state can have a chance to see them! They are beautiful!