Friday, August 22, 2008

More Babies!

There are grandbabies being born right and left these days. How fun is that? None of them are "firsts" so we don't have to throw baby showers or anything, as most of them have items they already need. Not that it isn't really fun shopping for babies anyway! Everything these days is so different than when my kids were babies. I'm thinking of picking up a new Bugaboo stroller--they are so cute, and look so convenient! Even if all of the parents are equipped in the stroller department, it's always fun for Grandma to have something for them at her house when they visit! However, with the streamlined usability of the Bugaboo and the fact that you can interlock different pieces for any need you have, I'm not sure this stroller won't go home with one of my kids while they leave me their big, clunky one!