Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mike found a condo in Ogden that seems perfect for us.

It is single level, 1000 sq. ft., and I fell in love with the yard.

The yard is common grounds for the association, but the condo is the last one next to the road, is fenced, and looks like it belongs to this condo.

No one would intentionally walk several blocks out of their way to use it.

There are 11 trees, and a private patio. Our son Mike bought it for us since we haven't sold our home yet.

Of course we will pay him back when we close on our home.

Mike and I put a rent sign in the window and had two calls the first day.

One, a single man with 2 sons, and the other a single woman with 1 daughter. We rented it to a man.

We should have interviewed the woman because we're both feeling a little nervous watching these boys run around our newly painted condo.

I hope we haven't made a mistake.